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We are a Washington State Grade A RAW Goat Milk Dairy!!


















Kudos to Lindsey! Lindsey McGarrity received Recognition Award from Commissioner Gelder. (scroll down to bottom of last page)

To read a recent article about the creamery visit the Kitsap Sun's article on us...


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I recently found Suzanne's blog and wanted to share it with you.  New! How To Make Easy Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese:


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Med-A-Goat911 Goat Emergency Call List
911 Emergency Goat Care is Just a Phone Call Away!

The 2011 crop of babies have almost all  been sold. I have kept a few does for next year, however, they might be available next year when I realize my husband is right and I can't keep them all...sigh!!!

This is why we are Little Rascals Farm,

they are all little rascals!!

Lindsey & Chief

Its shedding time! Chief is getting a grooming from one of his favorite people. Can you believe all that fur came off of him?  And there were at least 5 times that amount later that week!


Feeding time at the little goat bottle bar, a vinegar bottle with a cut away area to allow the tubes and nipples to be inserted and to pour the milk in.  When they were a little bigger we made a larger version out of a big 5 gal bucket.





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